If you’ve ever thought about keeping bees, it’s probably crossed your mind that you might be able to make some money with them, but how?

Is keeping bees worth your time and money? Is it possible to profit from beekeeping? Well, in this article we’ll highlight ways you can profit from beekeeping.

There are six products, you can profit from in beekeeping. The products are pollen, wax, pollination services, honey, Queen Sales, and selling nucs.

Selling Beeswax And Pollen

Before you can sell beeswax, there’s a question you have to ask yourself. Am I using any harsh chemicals that can be absorbed into the wax? Chemical-free beeswax is used for several things including cosmetic uses such as soap and lotions. The most common use of beeswax is to make candles. There are several different moulds, styles, and sizes available for candles.

Making the candles is one step up from just selling the wax. You increase your profits by making the candles yourself but you’re going to have a little bit more time invested in it. A one-ounce block of beeswax is sold right around the £2-£3 range. A five-pound block of wax is going to be between £30-£40. All this depends on where you’re selling from.

Bee pollen is collected from the hive with a pollen trap. This trap is placed on the hive and as the bees enter through it, the pollen is raked off their leg and falls into a drawer where it’s collected by the beekeeper.

Always keep in mind that the bees do need pollen to thrive. They need pollen to raise brood. Pollen colours vary from different species of plants and trees. Depending on where you are, pollen can go around £8-£10 dollars per pint. 

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Selling Honey And Providing Pollination Services

Honey is the most obvious way for a beekeeper to make an income. Honey can be sold in various styles, either bottled, spreadable which is usually crystallized and even flavoured. I can tell you firsthand, to get the most value for your honey you should be offering the best quality in all of these different styles.

To give you an idea of honey prices an average a bottle of honey can go for £4-£5 per pound. For a gallon of honey, you’re looking at close to £50. It all depends on where you sell so keep that in consideration.

Pollination services are needed by places such as garden centres, orchards and many other places. Pollination fees range from about £150 per colony to £220 per colony or higher. This price is estimated with the population of bees in a hive. The reason for the price gap is because some growers require more bees per colony for pollination than other growers.

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Selling Queen Bees And Nucs

The Queen bee is the heart of the colony and without her, the colony would dwindle to nothing. Queen bees can be raised several hundred at a time.

Queen bees in today’s world sell for about £30-£40 each. This is where you can make good money with bees but queen farming is no easy task. There’re a lot of steps to follow to complete the process.

A nucleus hive is often referred to as just a nuc. A nuc is an established colony containing an active queen, pollen, honey, and brood of all stages.

They are usually sold in five frames and beekeepers prefer to purchase these over packages because of the massive jumpstart. You can sell nucs starting from £130 to £350.

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