Chicken Breeds: Fast Growth Or High Egg Quantities

The small flightless chickens we know today came from a wild jungle fowl native to Asia and they have been selectively bred to produce eggs and meat for us.

Some breeds grow faster than others in order to produce meat at an increased rate and others will now naturally produce more protein, but still produce good eggs.

Other chicken breeds can produce tasty eggs almost all-year-round or much, much bigger eggs than the traditional egg you might buy at the supermarket.

You can also find fancy chickens and breeds that are becoming more popular with bright colours and stunning feathers that are often used for shows.

Click on any of the breed profiles below to get a better understanding of the breed and whether it might be the one for you!

For if you like eggs in the morning…

Rhode Island Red


Plymouth Rock


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Quick Growing and Packed with Protein

Buff Orpington



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Fancy Breeds for the Chicken Lovers Out There

Silkie Bantam


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