Chicken Health Issues And Treatments

Chickens, for the most part, live between three and five years with very few health complications if you care for them in the right way.

There are some preventative measures you should take to make sure they avoid parasites but, for the most part, chickens are quite healthy in terms of livestock.

However, if one bird in your flock has something, the whole flock likely has it or will soon if you don’t act quickly because they roost in close quarters.

Close observation of your birds is essential to help you to learn what is “normal” and what isn’t for your individual animals as all chickens are different.

Some illnesses have a gradual onset, so being able to spot the slightest change in an individual chicken will enable you to act promptly and prevent any risks.

Select one of the links below to find out more about the health problem, how you can treat it and how you might go about preventing it!

Essential Vaccinations For Your Chickens

Vitamin A Deficiency


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Fowl Cholera

Avian Influenza


Chickens can be very flighty and get scared easily. The shock from seeing a predator could easily kill your chickens without the predator touching them so it must be something you are aware of. We use this fox and cat deterrent and we have no issues with our flocks!

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Fowl Pox

Newcastle Disease


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