Rearing Chicks: From Egg to Eight Weeks

Rearing chicks can be one of the most rewarding (and cutest) things you’ll ever do, and it can become addictive when you see all your hard work pay off!

But what does it really take to grow a chick from an egg to a healthy, fully-fledged adult that can join the rest of your flock?

Each stage of the development of a chick is important in its own right so we’ve broken it down and went over everything you are likely to see in your chicks life.

Whether you’re raising chicks in the classroom at school or just to restock your flock in the back garden, we are sure you’ll find these guides useful!

Breeding Your Chickens


What do you need to feed your flock in order to make sure they get the best nutrition possible? You can follow this guide to keep them well fed!


The First Week

If you’re looking for a good incubator to make sure you have the best chance of chicks this is the brand we recommend! It isn’t madly expensive and you can fit 9-12 eggs inside. It has never failed us in the hundreds of times we’ve used it and it’s completely hands-off, doing the egg turning perfectly for you!

You can follow this link and buy it now!

The First Month

To Eight Weeks & Beyond

Seems like a dumb question for some, but where do you actually get chickens from? We let you know where to acquire your own birds in this article!

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