Rhode Island Red Chickens Breed Profile

If you’re looking for the perfect chickens for beginners then read about the Rhode Island Reds right here, they are an amazing breed!

If you need a bird to start your poultry farm as a beginner, then you need a bird that can offer you great egg production, high disease resistance, and easy sheltering options. Without any doubt, there are no better birds for all these than the Rhodes Island Red Chickens. 

When Captain William Trip brought Malay rooster from sail in 1854, he didn’t know that mating those birds with other birds would produce a strong, heady, and highly productive chicken.

The result of the mating is what we have now as Rhodes Island Red Chickens. 

The Rhodes Islands Red chicken was accepted into the American Poultry Association in 1904 and has since then become a common bird among poultry farmers. 

Physical Features Of Rhode Island Red Chickens

Ear lobes: Red

Feet, Shanks, and Skin: Yellow

Eyes: Orange

Life span: 8 years +

Feathers: Bright chestnut 

Hens weigh 6.5lb; Roosters weighs 8.5lb.

The Two Strains Of Rhode Island Red Chickens

When Captain William Trip and friend John Macomber started breeding the Malay Rooster Captain William brought, they wanted a dual-purpose chicken. But as time passed, and poultry farmers in the New England area bred more of these chickens, two strains were developed. It is important to note that these strains became apparent after the second World war.

The two strains are:

  • Rhode Island Heritage: Not great at egg production. Produces around 150 – 250 eggs per year.
  • Rhode Island Industrial: Great for egg production. Gives you 200 – 300 eggs per year. 

What Makes Rhode Island Red Chickens Better?

When getting a chicken for your poultry or backyard, you need a chicken that can fit into the weather condition in the country, produces the required eggs or meat equivalent as well as have a low maintenance cost. 

All of these qualities and more make the Rhodes Island Red Chickens a must-have for your backyard. 

  1. Disease resistant: Rhodes Island Red Chickens are strong, and can resist diseases. Aside from the regular ticks and lies that affect chickens, Rhodes Islands Red Chickens can withstand several popular diseases that affect birds. Their ability to stay healthy for long periods make them a desirable choice for people just starting with poultry farming. 
  2. Can withstand any weather: While there are birds who don’t do well in certain weather conditions, the Rhodes Island Red Chickens do well in whatever weather they find themselves, be it a cold winter morning or a hot summer evening. Their ability to withstand extreme temperatures stands them out from many birds. 
  3. Calm around children: The Rhodes Island Red chickens are playful around children. But roosters can be quite aggressive, so do well to keep roosters away from children. 
  4. Have high egg production: The production strain of the Rhodes Island red chickens lays as much as 6 eggs per week, 200-300 eggs per year. This egg production is on the high side. 
  5. Are Predator-savvy: Rhodes Island Red chickens love to forage, look for their food. But in doing that, they are careful and very aware of whatever predators are around them.

How To House Your Rhode Island Red Chickens

The housing requirements for Rhodes Island Red chickens are simple. If you’ve read our article on housing your chickens, then housing your Rhodes Island Chickens will be easy. 

Since Rhodes Island Red Chickens love space, their nesting boxes should be 12×12 inches cube. An average of 8 inches per space is adequate space for them. 

Also, allow them to roam the compound sometimes because while they can do well in a birdhouse, they love foraging and exploring their environment. 


Rhodes Island Red chickens are strong, resilient, and easy to care for. You can’t go wrong with this amazing breed of chickens. 

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