How To Grow Asparagus

This fibrous vegetable cooks up in minutes, for a healthy side dish, so use this guide and learn how to grow asparagus in your back garden!

Asparagus is a nutrient-rich vegetable, primarily grown in middle-Asia and parts of Europe. It is then shipped around the world due to its exceptional health benefits and anti-breast cancer components. And the best thing about asparagus is that they are Garden-friendly!

Most of the harvesting of Asparagus is done in small gardens and farms. And that is why it is recommended as the best vegetable to grow if you are just stepping out in your gardening journey.

Growing asparagus from seeds is a merrymaking task, and we are sure that you will enjoy your way through. Still, there is a slight learning curve that comes with it, but we have got you covered. We’ve mentioned all the necessary steps and information that you need to know to bloom these astounding veggies in your garden.

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How To Plant Asparagus

In most parts of the world, Asparagus is available in the spring and summer. It is a cold-weather plant and favours a more cool temperature. You can plant the seeds in early February and March as it sets the ideal growing cycle of these plants.

You can plant seeds in the garden or an adequately big pot. Plant the seeds in a single-seed formation with a 1-inch gap between them. Good, moisture-free soil with compost layering would boost the initial growth phase.

It takes three long years for an Asparagus Plant to fully shed its spears, but it will be worth the wait because it will bear your results for years coming. Asparagus plants are very efficient as well because they require a little effort and supervision during this time. 

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How To Care For Asparagus

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How To Harvest Asparagus

With frequent watering sessions and abundant sunlight, you will notice the flower bud in the initial few months of planting. Asparagus has a tendency of crowding out most of the weeds due to its deep-rooted nature.

You can water-fertilize the plant in spring to protect it from insects and worms, but you can also choose to hop this step because the asparagus plant doesn’t attract a lot of unwanted guests. Growing Asparagus from seeds comes with its own benefits, such as less critical watering patterns and the plant’s self-reliance.

Harvest your plant in the third-year with a four-week harvesting plan. You can double or triple the harvesting period in the coming years because the asparagus plant will be deep-rooted by then.

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Tips & Common Problems

There are multiple stages of growing asparagus from seeds, and you have to know each one of them to get your desired results. The primary Asparagus growing season is anytime between mid-winters and early-spring.

On some occasions, A portion of Asparagus left to grow results in fruitful spears. But the quality of these spears when compared to one’s which are looked after is immensely average. Asparagus stalks can grow quite long and be anywhere between 6 to 8 inches.

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