How To Grow Basil

Popular in Italian dishes, learning how to grow basil with our step-by-step guide could be your new favourite hobby!

Basil is a popular culinary herb and commonly used in pizza, pasta sauces, salads, and Thai curries. Moreover, growing basil is an easy and quick process. They can be grown all year round. 

Basil is technically known as Ocimum Basiilicium and can be grown indoors and outdoors quickly. The great thing about basil is its utilization in traditional medicine. Moreover, basil is an annual herb that can be grown from seed to harvest in a really short time. All it takes is 3 to 4 weeks and becomes an excellent choice for beginners in gardening. Basil is also a natural source of antioxidants and nutraceuticals

So, if you are planning on growing basil indoors, then we have a perfect guide on planting basil, harvesting them, and tips for taking care.  

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How To Plant Basil

Growing basil from seeds requires well-drained and fertile soil. It is advisable to grow basil in pots to get a high-quality herb. So, start by adding moist peat-free soil-based compost in the pot. Now, add basil seeds to each pot and place a few seeds in the centre. Make sure you cover the seeds with ¼ inch of dry seed starter mix. Further, you need to mist your basil seeds with water for proper mixing. 

The process of producing seedlings will take around two weeks. Now, you have to move the basil seedlings outside for harsher conditions. While growing basil in pots, the outside temperature required is approximately 70 degrees. Make sure your pot is placed in a sheltered position because they grow under intermittent light stress.

However, when the temperatures start to dip in the autumn season, you should bring a few plants back indoors to provide a fresh supply of leaves in winter.

We have collated all the best tips to optimise your garden space and do a better job of obtaining large yields on your crops!

How To Care for Basil Plants

It is essential to provide the necessary care and instructions to get the best Basil leaves. Basil needs to be protected against wind and frost, outdoors. Make sure you water it regularly, as basil likes to stay moist. Your goal should be to avoid the drying out of the soil. Moreover, the fast way to grow basil is by using pots. Keep your pots ready during the growing season.

One more technique that is helpful is planting basil with tomatoes. They both will taste better. Basil needs very little to no fertilization. If you do too much fertilization, it will kill the flavour of basil. 

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How To Harvest Basil

After learning how to grow basil, harvesting basil seems quite an easy task. Basil can be harvested throughout the year, as they don’t need a specific time. You should ideally remove ⅓ of the leaves every month to increase new growth. Pick the leaves and tops of basil to use them fresh. Harvest it in the morning to get the juiciest leaves. 

Additionally, it would help if you did not wash the leaves until you are going to use them because they will turn slimy. So, that is all you need to know about growing basil. Now is the time for you to enjoy this harvest in your new recipe.  

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