How To Grow Broccoli

There are many ways to cook broccoli and it is a staple vegetable, all the more reason to learn how to grow your own with our guide!

Broccoli has many health benefits, including strengthening bones and keeping your heart healthy. The plant can be incorporated in soups, stews, and stir-fries, while the stems of the broccoli can be used for salads or smoothies. Read and learn how to grow broccoli easily in your backyard. 

The vegetables grown in your backyard tend to be full of flavour and free from harmful chemicals. This dark-leaved plant does well in a cool climate and needs the seeds to be germinated indoors until the outside temperatures are consistent. 

When it comes to the seed variety, you can choose from Bonanza, DeCicco, Gypsy, Italian Sprouting, and many more. These varieties have different harvesting and germinating periods. The growth and caring for broccoli plants are the same for all the varieties. 

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How To Plant Broccoli

Before planting broccoli, give the seeds a time of five to seven days to germinate well. Transplant these into the soil at a distance of 18-26 inches. To grow broccoli at home, ensure that these seeds are sown half an inch deep into the soil. If you see the plant growing too many stems, you can replant it or plant the stems along with the seed. 

While learning how to grow broccoli, note that these plants need a little acidic soil with a pH of 6 to grow. They also need at least 7-8 hours of sun, so pick a sunny spot. You can grow plants like celery, beets, herbs, and onions alongside broccoli plants. 

For growing broccoli in a container, you need to get a large-seized container that has an expanded area. This will provide the plant with enough space to flourish without constricting each other. Make sure that there is temperature maintenance throughout the growth without it being too hot or too cold. This answers how does broccoli grow at home conveniently. 

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How To Care For Broccoli

Broccoli plants need moist soil to grow and reach maturity with a solid head. See that you are watering at the base of the broccoli without drenching the head and leaves. Moreover, you can add compost alongside the plant for added nutrition midseason. 

See that the soil is not too soggy, or the plants may get damaged. You should also use a mulch to prevent the growth of weeds and unwanted grass around the plants. Use well-balanced manure and fertilizer without too much addition of nitrogen. Include potassium and phosphorus for a healthy broccoli yield at home. 

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How To Harvest Broccoli

Depending upon the seed you choose, the broccoli plant will be ready for harvest in about 100-150 days. To harvest, just cut the buds with a sharp blade from the stem when it is dark green. You can leave the base of the plant and let the head grow again for the next yield. 

Don’t wait until the plant is yellow or has split heads. Hopefully, these tips were helpful for you in learning how to grow broccoli in the comfort of your home.

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Tips & Common Problems

Growing broccoli can come with some pesty surprises like cabbage loopers, cutworms, moths, and worms. This can eat away at your yield and affect the quality too, so it is recommended to hand-pick these pests from the plants or use a natural pesticide. You can ensure pest-free broccoli growing by planting it in the soil that has not been used to grow other cabbage family plants. 

There are some diseases like clubroot and downy mildew that can turn the broccoli yellow and develop patches. You can prevent this by using disease-resistant varieties of the plant. Also, rotate crops each year and remove infected plants to prevent others from getting infected.

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