How To Grow Chipotle Peppers

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to grow, care for and harvest your own Chipotle peppers, then follow our handy guide!

You must be familiar with the chipotle hot sauce flavour from and the distinctive spiciness from the Mexican food. The chipotle pepper is similar to jalapeno but is processed after drying and smoking. Not only are flavour-filled chipotle peppers also contain a lot of essential micronutrients and vitamins. The pepper’s earthy taste can be harvested at home if you want to learn how to grow chipotle pepper. 

Chipotle peppers growing conditions are similar to that of tomatoes. These require light and temperature stability to grow. The chipotle pepper chilli Scoville units lie in the medium zone so that everyone can enjoy the spicy taste.

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How to Plant Chipotle Peppers

You need nitrogen and phosphorus-rich soil to grow chipotle peppers. Prepare the soil with enough fertilisers and compost for the plants to absorb while growing. You can use a shovel to aerate the soil and prepare it for planting. Create a hole in the soil that is large enough to accommodate the plant’s roots.

Place the plants about ten to twelve inches apart to ensure they have room to grow. After planting the chipotle pepper plant, create a mound over the roots to cover them. This will help in holding the plant in a vertical position securely. 

If you plan on growing chipotle pepper from the seeds, note that you need first to prepare the seedlings indoors. In case these seeds fail to germinate, the problem could be that they are old. Always make sure to use fresh seeds for making seedlings. When the seeds have started to grow up to an inch, transfer them in your garden carefully. They will need ample light to grow, so they pick the right location.

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How To Care For Chipotle Peppers

Chipotle pepper grows in well-fed soil as its roots soak up the water. Make sure that you add water up to 3 feet deep to prevent the soil from drying. If the temperature drops a lot at night, you can use hot caps to maintain the temperature for the new plants. 

Water the plants generously after 4-5 days after maturation when you see the soil from top layer drying. When the peppers are at the height of 10 inches, it requires comparatively less water. Avoid overwatering the pepper plants to prevent the roots from rotting. 

To promote growth, you can use liquid seaweed mixed in water every two weeks. Stop fertilising the plants after 60-70 days of planting. The heavy branches of the chipotle pepper plant can be supported using a small cage, so the plant stays upright.

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How To Harvest Chipotle Peppers

The chipotle peppers mature after 150 days from the time of planting. These are harvested when they start to look red. To get the hot, smoky flavour, these peppers are dried and smoked. 

Make sure you wear gloves while harvesting the pepper as you can unintentionally transfer the heat to your eyes and mouth. Now that you have learned how to grow chipotle pepper, you can make your own hot sauce. 

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