How To Grow Durian Fruit

Durian fruit is a strange combination of savoury, sweet, and creamy all at once, if you can’t find one to buy, use this guide to grow your own!

If like many people, you are addicted to the durian fruit, you should grow the durian tree to have an endless supply of the fruit.

However, before you get too excited, please note that the fruit cannot grow in England and in most locations in North America. This is because it is a tropical fruit that is adapted to growing in places with abundant sunshine, moisture, and warmth.

So if you are not in the tropics, do not even bother growing a Durian tree. If you are in the tropics, read on to find out how you can grow and harvest durian in your garden.

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How To Plant Durian Fruit

Durian trees can be grown from seeds. However, if you want to grow a tree that will be robust and will have good productivity, you should grow your durian tree from a clone produced by grafting.

Such clones are available at reputable nurseries or online. Once you get a grafted durian tree clone, you should prepare a planting site for it. Do this by removing weeds and stumps and them tilling the land thoroughly. After doing this, you should add farming lime is the planting site is a bit acidic.

At this point, the site is ready for holing. You should dig a 50 cm deep hole that is about 1.5 times wider than the roots of the durian tree clone you got. If you want to plant more than one durian tree, you should space the trees. None of your durian trees should be within 10 meters of the other.

After holing, you should mix some topsoil with compost and add to the hole before setting your young durian tree plant in the middle of the hole. You should then mix the remaining topsoil with compost and pack it back into the hole. Make sure your plant’s root crown is at the same level it was in the nursery.

No matter what you’re planting, it’s important you understand the importance of pruning and how to do it! That’s why we created this handy guide!

How To Care For Durian Fruit Trees

Durian trees are usually planted in the rainy season to ensure they get enough water. If you are planting your durian tree in a season that is not rainy, you should be prepared to water it frequently to ensure it has enough water to survive. Generally, you should be prepared to add between five to seven gallons of water every week to ensure your tree survives.

If you live in a climate with prolonged dry seasons, you should apply mulch to the base of your plants. This will prevent rapid evaporation of moisture and ensure your durian plants don’t get ‘thirsty’ quickly.

You should also be prepared to add fertilizer at least twice every year. The addition of fertilizer will ensure your tree gets the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Remember to remove any weeds around your Durian tree or trees to ensure they do not compete for nutrients with the trees.

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How to Harvest Durian Fruit

You will know your Durian fruits are ready when they change colour to brown or yellowish-green. You will also know that they are ready when their spikes become darker than their bases or when they start emitting a nice scent/ aroma.

To harvest durian fruits, you should get a knife and to cut them from the stems. And you should do it carefully to avoid bruising. In case the fruits are high on the tree, you should get a ladder. And don’t let durian fruits fall to the ground when cutting them; place them gently into a basket to avoid damaging them.

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Tips & Common Problems

About five weeks after fruit set, you should do fruit thinning. This is the removal of deformed, damaged, and smaller fruits. Doing this will improve the quality and size of the remaining fruits. It will also make them tastier.

Considering the size and weight of durian fruits, you should support fruit-laden branches with props and strong ropes to prevent them from breaking. 

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