How To Grow Grapefruit

Grapefruits share similar taste with oranges but with a tinge of bitterness, if you love them then learn to grow your own here!

Grapefruit is subtropic-specific fruit known for its distinctive taste. Grapefruit is completely identical to a regular orange from its outer appearance. What makes it stands out is its plush-red interior, which is tastes semi sour.

Grapefruit is originated from Barbados, West Indies, and according to legends, it was created accidentally by a local farmer by crossing a sweet orange and a pomelo. Moving towards its nutritional value, grapefruit is loaded with antioxidants and good carbs.

The process of growing grapefruit is also very straightforward. It has a minimal learning curve and can be perfect for young gardeners looking to set out on their gardening journey!

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How To Plant Grapefruit

Growing grapefruit from seed is considered more comfortable comparatively. To start with, pick a healthy grapefruit and extract the seeds from it. While selecting the grapefruit, make sure it is locally grown because the parent fruit will be well adapted to the topography and climate conditions of your area.

Pick a spot that receives adequate sunlight throughout the year. The soil must be fertile and loamy as grapefruit trees tend to have fragile roots. Also, placing the tree at least 10 ft away from any other plants.

Plant the seeds at least ½ inch deep in the soil on a sunny day. The ideal grapefruit growing season ranges from spring to fall. So you can choose any day with clear weather in this timeframe to plant your seeds as rain shower can quickly destroy the seeds in the initial stages. 

No matter what you’re planting, it’s important you understand the importance of pruning and how to do it! That’s why we created this handy guide!

How To Care For Grapefruit Trees

Grapefruit does demand a certain level of care and attention from your end. In the commencing stages, water the plant at least once a week thoroughly to compensate for any kind of moisture loss in the soil. Also, start adding a layer of compost two months after planting as it will help the plant strengthen its roots.

Growing grapefruit in your backyard may also invite may pests and bugs that can destroy the young yields. You can either install a safety net, or you can apply fertilisers once every three months. 

In the later stages, you also have to prune unnecessary ends to ensure a quality result. Using a pruning knife, cut down all the dead ends, damaged leaves, or double-branches that can hinder your plant’s growth.

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How To Harvest Grapefruit

For those who are wondering how long does grapefruit take to grow, it can take around 2 ½ to 5 years to bear its first fruit. After all the hard work and effort, your grapefruit will be ready for harvesting when it turns bright orange at the end of November. 

Pluck the grapefruits and clean them thoroughly. Before storing, check them because usually, many worms tend to get latched to the grapefruits. Storing them in a cool and refrigerated place is very important to avoid any damage to moisture.

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