How To Grow Green Beans

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to grow, care for and harvest your own green beans, then follow our handy guide!

It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you reside in, we have all grown up eating green beans. Widely considered as a staple of every kitchen and garden, green beans are beneficial for your body. 

Packed with goodness, vitamin C and fibre, green beans are right for your heart, digestion, bones, and eyes. In short, Green beans are indeed wonder veggies! Growing green beans is also great fun as they take up very little space and being extremely productive at the same time.

Growing organic green beans can be a great way to start your gardening journey or fill up space in your garden. Just follow the steps mentioned below to have a smooth venture ahead!

Not a fan of green beans? Lucky for you we have a guide for just about any vegetable you might want to grow!

How To Plant Green Beans

Green beans love warm, well-drained and fertile soils, and they can be planted anytime before late springs. Green bean tends to have very fragile roots, so we suggest you plant them outdoors rather than indoors. Also, prefer a soil or a piece of plot that is slightly acidic.

Sow the beans at least 1 inch deep in the soil in row-format and keep an 18-inch gap between these rows. If the soil is too sandy or loose, then you may have to sow the seeds a little deeper than usual. 

Note that moist soil tends to destroy the roots of green beans due to their extreme tenderness, and it could also delay the germination process. So make sure the ideal temperature of the soil should be 9o C.

Some crops don’t go together at all and some actually help each other grow, we explain the dos and the don’ts in this guide!

How To Care For Green Beans

Green beans not your style? Maybe you could try peas or sweetcorn!

How To Harvest Green Beans

While growing green beans, you don’t really have to dedicate your time and effort comparatively because they are incredibly self-reliant. Regular and uniform watering sessions are more than enough for them, and you can add mulch in the soil to retain any kind of moisture loss.

If you live in an area with scorching summers, you may have to consider covering the young plants with rows to prevent any early blossoms. Green beans take around 2 to 5 weeks to reach a stage of harvesting, depending on the variety you are growing. 

You can notice if the green beans are ready for harvesting when they turn plush green in colour. During this harvesting period, try to pick green beans every day to increase the harvesting rate.

Store the picked Green beans in an air-tight container in a refrigerator.

Most people don’t have acres of land to plant their crops so take a look at dwarf crop varieties that could save you a lot of space!

Tips & Common Problems

Growing green beans is exciting and fun, and for many beginners, it is the perfect vegetable to grow. But you have to alert while selecting the seeds. Growing bush green beans follows an entirely different process when compared to growing pole beans.

Bush beans are widely considered the Best green beans to grow due to their unique taste and longevity. Also, green beans can grow rigid over time and will start to taste tough once they are past their prime phase.

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