How To Grow Guarana Fruit

Guarana fruit contains double the amount of caffeine in coffee beans making it popular in energy drinks, grow some of your own with this guide!

The Guarana fruit comes from the Guarana shrub. The shrub is a climbing one, and it is native to the massive Amazon rainforest in South America. The shrub can be used for landscaping. It is also grown for the Guarana fruit that stimulates the mind and the body, just like caffeine.

The Guarana fruit is also said to have weight loss benefits. 

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How To Plant Guarana Trees

To plant the Guarana shrub, you need to buy quality Guarana seeds online. The moment you get the seeds, you need to soak them in lukewarm water and live them there for twenty-four hours.

After living Guarana seeds to soak, you need to fill nursery pots with planting soil and then water the soil until it remains moist. After doing this, you need to poke two holes in each pot using a finger and drop one seed in each hole before covering it.

You should then place the pots over a seed-starting heating mat or in a sunny spot in your house. If you follow these instructions and keep the soil moist, your Guarana seeds will germinate within weeks.

Once they germinate, keep on watering them until they are three inches tall. When they are tall enough, transplant them outdoors. Guarana plants like acidic soils so fertilize them every two months with a fertilizer containing hydrochloric acid. 

And don’t forget to water your plants when they are outdoors.

We’ve written up this guide to help you determine your soil type and what this means for your future green fingered ambitions!

How To Care For Guarana Fruit Trees

A Guarana shrub becomes a fast-growing vine with time. Therefore, you need to support your Guarana shrubs using trellises and to make sure they grow upward and in a manner that does not allow some vines to block light from reaching other vines.

Since Guarana vines are fast-growing, they need nutrients and water. Therefore, do not forget to mix compost or manure every two months into the ground on top of your Guarana plant’s root system. And do not forget to water it daily every morning.

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How to Harvest Guarana Fruit

When Guarana plants become mature enough, they start producing Guarana berries. The berries are produced in clusters. To know if a cluster is ready for harvesting, check its colour. If it is reddish-orange, then it is ready. To harvest it, cut it off using a sharp pair of scissors.

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Tips & Common Problems

Guarana plans require pruning in the second year to keep them from collapsing or producing poor crops. When pruning, remove damaged, diseases and old branches. Also, remove branches that produced fruit the previous to encourage fruits to form in new branches.

The Guarana fruit is tasty and stimulating, but it can be addictive. So avoid overusing it or over-depending on it.

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