How To Grow Kiwis

Beneath the fuzzy brown surface is pale green flesh speckled with a ring of tiny edible black seeds, grow your own kiwis with our handy guide!

Kiwis are considered a wonder-fruit due to their exceptional nutritional value. They are packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and potassium, and it is also one of the most recommended fruits by many doctors to boost the healing process in our body. 

A Kiwifruit has a very tangy and sweet taste, and it is widely used in salads and shakes. Something this healthy and delicious deserves a spot in our palette. So why not grow these babies in our garden?

Growing Kiwis in your backyard is easier than you think, and we have mentioned all the necessary steps and tips below, that you need to consider while growing kiwis.

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How To Plant Kiwi Trees

The process of growing kiwis starts with handpicking the finest kiwi seeds you can get your hands on. Choosing the seeds of a fresh and healthy kiwi is highly recommended, as it has higher chances of germination. 

Select a place in your garden that receives a decent amount of sun with the soil slightly on the acidic side. Kiwifruit can also grow efficiently in light shade. Also, kiwis grow on vines, which can end up growing up to 30-ft, so it is suggested to provide a solid vertical structure to support them. 

Something like a trellis stand and gazebo would be perfect for this, and the average height of this structure should be around 2.5m. After placing the stands, plant the seeds in a vertical row between the pillars. Also, make sure the soil is well-drained before you plant the seeds. If you are tight on space, you can also grow kiwi fruit in pots by following the same process.

Some crops don’t go together at all and some actually help each other grow, we explain the dos and the don’ts in this guide!

How To Care For Kiwi Trees

A kiwi plant does require some amount of attention from your side. Water the plant consistently without making the soil muddy or loose. This is because a kiwi plant has very tender roots, and they can be disturbed or damaged very easily.

Growing kiwis is a rather long-term commitment, as a typical kiwi plant can take up to 5 years to bear its first fruit. The vines of a kiwi plant are very delicate, and they need to be protected from pests and wild. 

You can either set up a fencing area around the plant or use some pesticides to avoid these buggers. Once the young shoots start growing, tie them up the trellis stand to provide support for further growth.

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How To Harvest Kiwis

Usually, the ideal for a kiwi fruit to ripe ranges from early-September to mid-October. This can also be delayed if your area receives hard-frosting over this period. The initial yields can be underwhelming for some when you compare them to any market-kiwi, but these yields will improve drastically as the plant gets mature and more compatible. 

If you are growing kiwi indoor, make sure to harvest it before the frost hits your area, as it can significantly damage the ripening fruit. To harvest, use a pruning knife to cut the kiwis from the roots. After harvesting, you can store the kiwis any room that won’t become too hot or in a refrigerator, depending on the area you live.

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