How To Grow Lemons

Whether used for a drink garnish or squeezed over fresh fish, lemons come in very handy and are aromatic, grow your own tree with the help of our guide!

If you like making lemonade, baking lemon cakes, or marinating food, then you will definitely like having two or three lemon trees in your garden. 

Lemons may be sour but having lemon trees in your garden is a wonderful experience. This is because the trees will not only give you beautiful fruit, but will also make your garden look amazing when they bloom and smell incredible.

Growing lemons is a worthwhile endeavour and we aim to cover everything you will need to know in this article and then some.

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How to Plant Lemons 

To begin planting, you should mix the potting soil and the compost thoroughly and then transfer it into your planting pots. Resist the urge to fill each planting pot to the rim.

Moisten your seeds by dipping them in water for a couple of minutes and then bury one seed about an inch deep in the middle of each planting pot. Spray water on the soil above each buried seed and then seal each pot with a transparent plastic wrap. This will reduce the loss of moisture.

Poke small holes in the plastic wrap to allow oxygen to reach the seeds so that germination can take place. And then transfer the planting pots to locations where they will get direct sunlight daily (Or buy and use grow lights)

If you follow all the above steps and remember to add water regularly, lemon seedlings will emerge in about 14 days. When they do, remove the plastic wraps and continue watering them.

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How to Care For Lemon Trees

Once your lemon plants are big enough to transfer to the garden, it will only be a few months before they start producing lemons. In total, it will take at least 36 months from the date of planting for lemon trees to start producing lemons. 

They usually produce lemons between summer and winter. So if you are growing lemons to make lemonade in summer, your lemons will be ready at the perfect time.

For your lemon seeds to germinate, you have to remember to water them three to four times weekly. Once they germinate and develop three to four leaves, only water them after making sure the soil is dry using the finger test for moisture.

Your lemon seedlings need at least 10 hours of light to grow rapidly. So make sure you place them somewhere where they will get maximum sunlight. Buy growing lights if your region does not receive enough sunlight.

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How to Harvest Lemons 

You will know it is time to harvest lemons when they become big and bulky. They are yellow or yellowish-green and firm to the touch.

To harvest them correctly, use gloves, a ladder, and a sharp knife. And remember, all lemons are not ripe and ready at the exact same time. 

If you’ve had a bumper harvest, you can always offer some to your neighbours but if you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, look no further!

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Tips & Common Problems 

Unlike other garden plants, lemons are not heavily affected by pests. Nevertheless, if you notice any signs of pests, such as scale insects, you should investigate and eliminate the pests if you find any.

Lemons are best grown outside. However, you can be grown indoors if your climate isn’t right for them. If you choose to grow lemons indoors, you will need to pollinate them yourself for the tree produce lemons.

Add recommended doses of organic fertiliser as regularly as recommended by the manufacturer. If you do this, the seedlings will quickly outgrow the planting pots, and you can transfer them to seedling pots before later transferring them to your garden. 

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