How To Grow Lettuce

Luscious green lettuce is used in so many things from any salad, to the perfect burger topping, learn how to grow your own right here!

Lettuce is a very well-know vegetable around the globe. It is used in both fast foods and authentic cuisines due to its taste-enhancing features. According to reports, lettuce is 5th most grow vegetable in the world right now.

Growing lettuce is a very straightforward process because lettuce doesn’t demand any kind of specific atmosphere or extensive care. A routine check-up with consistent watering sessions can get you through growing some superb lettuces in your backyard.

But hold up, before growing these babies, you should learn more about the process and lettuce growing stages to be better prepared for the future. Below we have mentioned all the necessary details and tips you should know to grow lettuce in your home.

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How To Plant Lettuce

Lettuces are a cold-weather plant, and it is advised to plant these in late summer to prevent any kind of bolting. Select a spot that receives abundant sunlight with proper ventilation around it. Lettuces require a lot of the sun, but if you are planting it warm planting zones, adding a partial shade could do wonders in terms of protecting from additional heat.

Soils need to be moist with good fertility. You can plant ten seeds per feet, considering the specific variety you choose. Lettuce seeds don’t need much time to grow, so keep the planting depth of around ½ inches is ideal. Keep at least 12 to 18 inches gap between the rows the avoid any kind of cluttering. Depending 

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How To Care For Lettuce

Lettuce doesn’t demand a lot of attention from the end due to its versatility and self-resilience. However, many gardeners face a usual problem while growing lettuce, and that is aphids. Aphids can destroy your lettuce patch, and you must add protection against it.

These white creatures hide underneath the leaves and can ruin the growth of the lettuces from inside-out. Though there isn’t a straight way out of it, you can use natural predators such as lady beetles or apply neem oil to counter them. A lot of snails and slugs will also be attracted to your lettuces, so make sure to apple some insecticides with regular hand-picking sessions.

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How To Harvest Lettuce

Lettuces are one of the simplest vegetables to harvest. A typical period of growing lettuces is around 30 to 70 days, depending on the variety. So, there are basically two ways of collecting it. That is either by removing leaves individually or by plucking the entire plant. You can choose the one which matches your preferences.

If you are growing lettuce in water, harvest the leaves separately to maintain its taste and essence. Also, in this scenario, the quality of the nutrition you provide will decide how long the lettuce takes to grow. 

No matter what you’re planting, it’s important you understand the importance of pruning and how to do it! That’s why we created this handy guide!

Tips & Common Problems

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