How To Grow Limes

Whether used as a drink garnish or in a Mexican dish, limes come in very handy, learn how to grow your own with this article!

Lime is very important in the kitchen. This is because it can be used to make lime juice to enhance the flavour of salads, vegetables, and even fruits. It can also be used to make a marinade to marinate dishes such as pork, fish, and chicken!

It is a beautiful thing to have an unlimited supply of lime. And you can do this by growing lime trees in your garden. And even if you live in an area with a cool climate where you cannot grow lime outdoors, you can grow your lime tree or trees indoors.

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How to Plant Lime Trees

To plant limes, you first have to choose planting sites in your garden. The sites have to have well-drained soils. They also have to be clear of trees and structures that can prevent the sun from reaching your lime trees.

Once you identify planting sites, you should buy young lime trees from a reputable nursery. The trees will come in a plastic bag or container. Remove them from the containers to assess the size of their root balls. After doing this, dig a hole in the middle of each planting site. The hole should be 2 times as wide as the root balls of the trees and about 1.5 times as deep as the depth of the root ball. 

After holing, you should mix some topsoil with compost and add it to the holes before setting a lime tree in each planting hole. You should spread the roots of the trees in the hole and then pack more soil mixed with compost into the holes to make the trees stable.

After doing this, you should add mulch and water the trees.

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How To Care For Lime Trees

It is easy to take care of lime trees. This is because they are somewhat hardy plants. 

The number one thing you need to do to ensure you lime trees are healthy is to water them regularly. If you don’t, they will start shedding leaves, and they can die. However, while watering them regularly is recommended, overwatering them is a bad idea.

Fertilizing limes is also important to ensure they are healthy. This is because lime trees are nutrient-hungry. They deplete nutrients very fast. Therefore, fertilize them at least once every three months to ensure they have the nutrients they need.

Limes need pruning after harvesting so that they can produce good fruit in the next season. When pruning your limes watch out for thorns.

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How To Harvest Limes

You will know your limes are ready for harvesting when they become light green, easy to press, and easy to detach from the stems attaching them to the trees. 

To harvest limes, cut them off from the stems using a sharp knife or pair of scissors.

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Tips & Common Problems

If you decide to grow limes indoors, you should make sure you use a good quality potting mix to give them the nutrients to grow and bear fruit. You will also need to do something about the pollination.

To improve the quality of limes produced by your indoor or outdoor lime trees, you should practice fruit thinning.

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