How To Grow Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts have a subtle, butter-like flavour and creamy texture, they are hard to grow but with our guide you can always give it a go!

Macadamia seeds have been part of our society since the 12th century. Greek soldiers use to carry around these seeds in battles as they were an excellent source of energy and nutrients, and Many Buddhists have been using Macadamia seeds as their staple diet.

Growing macadamia seeds, however, it is an intricate task. You need to be very attentive throughout the process, which is quite a task because a typical macadamia tree takes around 12 to 15 years to grow.

Considering its extensively long growing period, Growing Macadamia seeds in no child’s play. But if you are feeling to challenge yourself with something new and fresh, then you should try Growing Macadamia seeds in your garden. And we have got the perfect Macadamia Seeds growing guide to give you a head start.

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How To Plant Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia seeds are planted when the spring nears your area. It requires moist and fertile soil with at least 30-ft of space around it. Macadamia trees are considered “wild spreaders” as their roots spread quickly and viciously, cutting over any other plant nearby.

These trees require a lot of sunlight throughout, and they will not bear any kind of shade. Make sure the trees’ position is so that it will not be disturbed by any nearby object. 

Also, try not over-water during the first year of planting, as the plant will be in a fertile state by then.

Growing macadamia seeds in your garden can also be challenging for other plants and trees nearby because they tend to suck out all the nutrients from the soil very quickly. So keep a check on the plants nearby as well.

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How To Care For Macadamia Nut Trees

Taking care of your macadamia tree is a long and endearing process. For the first two years, try to normalize your water cycles to once-a-week. As the tree grows in stature, adjust the water cycle according to the soil’s moisture level near the trunk.

Apply compost and pesticides near the Macadamia tree growing zone to avoid any kind of pest-invasion and deficiencies. Regular pruning sessions are also crucial for the overall growth of the tree.

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How To Harvest Macadamia Nuts

Nearly after 12 years, the tree will bear its very first fruit. The shell would turn dark green when the harvesting period nears. Also, this is a time when Nuts are under the threat of getting destroyed by squirrels and birds. So keep an eye on them. Handpick each nut and store them in a cold and dry place for a week. Then, pop-open the shell, and you will get your macadamia nuts.

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Tips & Common Problems

Macadamia seeds are loved by animals such as squirrels, birds, and cats. To protect you nuts from them, you can set up a bird nut covering the yields entirely. You can also use pesticides and traps to get rid of them.

Some macadamia seeds also suffer from zinc deficiency when they are six to ten years old. They will start to shows signs such as dark brown spots and weak branches. You can use fertilizers with zinc to overcome this state. 

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