How To Grow Oregano

Oregano is a great addition to pizza, why not use this step-by-step guide to grow your own garden of this aromatic herb?

Oregano is a herb that can be grown indoors quite easily and with very little care or oversight needed. When in bloom, the plant also sports pink or purple flowers, which are edible.

This herb has amazing properties to repel insects from your garden when planted outside. It can be used for tea, garnishing, and flavouring with it’s unique flavour profile.

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How To Plant Oregano

You have the choice of growing oregano from seeds or cuttings. If you are using seeds, make sure to plant them before frost has a chance to get into the soil.

The seeds will usually take a week to germinate into seedlings for plantation. You can divide the seedlings when they are about 6 inches tall to plant them outside or in separate containers.

When separating your newly grown seedlings, make sure you plant them at least a foot apart to give them adequate space to grow and spread, this will ensure you get a bumper yield when it’s time to harvest.

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How To Care For Oregano Plants

Oregano plants need well-drained soil with ample sunlight to grow. Once established in the soil, they do not need much care. They need an occasional watering when the soil is dry. Ensure not to overwater the soil to prevent soil from getting too soggy.

For oregano growing in containers, you can keep them indoors in the winter to prevent any frost damage. When in containers, ensure there are holes at the bottom for water drainage.

You can choose to skip fertilizers if your oregano plants are thriving without it. These plants are quite self-sufficient, hence why they are easy to maintain. Pinch out the flowers from the herbs to aid the growth of a thick edible plant, although these flowers are edible too, so enjoy. Trimming back your oregano plants regularly will encourage the growth of new branches and prevent any legginess.

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How To Harvest Oregano

When your oregano plant has grown to about 4-6 inches tall you can easily cut some fresh leaves for consumption whenever you feel like.

For the best flavour, you can harvest the leaves as flower buds on the plant. This will contain the maximum flavour and they can also be used for drying purposes.

You can also store the leaves in the freezer to maintain their flavour. But what do you do when you’ve grown too much? Well, you try a bunch of these recipes of course!

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Tips & Common Problems

Oregano can repel insects, but pests like spider mites and aphids may find a home in them. These can be prevented with the spray of natural insecticides and keeping their population in check.

Diseases like root rot and stem rot may affect the foliage. The only way to prevent these is by keeping a close eye on your crops and removing any that may be affected before it spreads.

Snip the stems that appear unhealthy to prevent any further spread. Choose healthy plants while transplantating to avoid the root diseases for a long-lasting and healthy oregano plant.

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