How To Grow Pistachios

Pistachios are a great source of healthy fats, fiber and protein, use our step-by-step article to try and grow your own!

Growing pistachios is a rather long-term commitment, and it can also be tricky and endearing for young gardeners due to the complexity of the process. However, pistachios are considered very alimental due to its rich composition of protein and good-fibre.

Pistachios are also very beneficial as it helps in balancing the blood pressure level in our body. These small nuts are loaded with calories and unsaturated fats, and you can consume them to have a quick boost of energy.

If you are planning on growing pistachios in your backyard, then we have got the perfect pistachios growing guide that can help you understand the process and the fine details that go behind it.

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How To Plant Pistachios

You need raw pistachio seeds to initiate the planting process. Ideally, you need to get these seeds from a nursery that is close to the planting location. This is because the seed will already be adapted to the natural conditions of your area. The ideal pistachio growing season is between April and June.

Mark a spot that gets a good sun throughout the year with moist and fertile soil. Using a shovel, dug a 6-inch hole that is wide enough for a root ball. Also, choose a rather cold day for planting as pistachio seeds don’t fare well in high humidity.

Apply a layer of compost inside the hole to make a suitable atmosphere for young pistachio seeds. Just make sure that the seed is placed facing upwards. Cover the hole with soil and mulch to complete the process.

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How To Take Care Of Pistachio Trees

Growing pistachios trees can be tiresome, and you need to be attentive throughout this period to get your results. Firstly, keep a check on the soil. For the initial two-years, the land must be kept fertile and moist to avoid any deficiencies.

The first sapling is very weak and fragile, and it may require a trellis frame to support it for six months. Any kind of thunderstorm or wind blows can also end up damaging the plant, so add a layer of bird net to provide a shelter-like atmosphere.

Applying chosen fertilizers like NPK-15 will do wonders for the plant. However, you don’t want to oversupply the pistachio tree with fertilizers, which can weaken the root structure. Pruning also plays an essential role as pistachio trees have a lot of dead leaves, which remains stagnant of the branches.

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How To Harvest Pistachios

After seven to eight years of hard work, the pistachio will finally be ready for harvesting. The shell of the pistachio will pop open, and that is the perfect time to shake these nuts out of there roots. You can spread a tart under the tree and start the shaking process.

You can store the pistachios in any dry place to cold places to safeguard them from any pest attack. And that is about it. This is all you need to know about growing pistachios in your backyard.

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