How To Grow Raspberries

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to grow, care for and harvest your own raspberries, then follow our handy guide!

Raspberries are some of the best berries to use to make smoothies, to pair with Greek yoghurt and to take in breakfast cereals. However, only the freshest raspberries are sweet, juicy, and nutrient-rich. Therefore, if you want to really enjoy raspberries in your snacks or meals, you should look for a supplier who stocks the freshest produce or grow them yourself. 

In this guide, we are going to share with you steps on how to grow raspberries to enjoy all the sweet taste and their nutritional benefits by simply plucking them from your garden.

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How To Plant Raspberries

The best raspberries to grow are raspberry transplants from a good nursery. This is because they grow the fastest and almost always produce a good crop. The best time to grow raspberries is two weeks after the last frost date when the ground is warm enough.

To plant a raspberry transplant, find a good planting site in your garden. Good here means the site is not shaded and it has fertile and deep soil. It should also not be a windy site. 

After finding a good site, prepare it by tilling it well and then holing it. The hole should be twice as big as the pot in which your raspberry transplant is growing. You should mix the topsoil with manure or compost and use it to plant your raspberry transplant in the hole.

When planting a transplant or any other seedling, make sure you maintain the soil level.

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How To Care For Raspberry Plants

Raspberries need good care to grow and produce good crops. The best care you can give them is to water them consistently. They need about two to five gallons of water every week.

To make sure their roots are constantly wet, you should apply mulch. The mulch will prevent moisture loss and prevent weeds from growing near your raspberry tree or trees.

Raspberries need a big of trimming after harvesting. This ensures they produce good fruit the next season and continue thriving for a long time.

Some home gardeners practice fruit thinning on raspberry bushes, but it is absolutely not necessary. A well taken care of raspberry bush will produce a good number of quality raspberries every season.

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How To Harvest Raspberries

You will know your raspberries are ripe when they leave their stems readily. You will also know they are ripe when they start changing their colour.

Berries usually ripen over several weeks in the summer. Therefore, you should be ready to pick them every few days, or birds and pests will start feasting on your tasty produce.

Simply tug raspberries to harvest them from your raspberry bush or bushes.

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Tips & Common Problems

Raspberries don’t stay fresh for long after picking. Therefore, you should eat or use them quickly after picking. 

Moreover, after picking them, you may be tempted to wash them immediately but do not do it. If you do, the raspberries will go mushy and mouldy. Wash them only when you are ready to use them.

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