How To Grow Red Onions

Sweetness is the red onions greatest strength, if you ever want to grow your own then this guide will teach you how!

The mildly sweet flavour on red onion can transform the taste of any pale dish to awesomeness. Red onions come from the family of allium and consist of strong, distinctive flavour. Similar to other onion types, red onion is a crop that is easy to grow. They have a life cycle of two years in which the first year the seed grows and the second year is when the plant matures and gets ready for its harvesting. 

Red onions are usually planted in sets that hasten the growth of the plant. Moreover, growing them in sets is a more reliable and easier method as opposed to growing them from the seeds. So let us begin with how to grow red onions.

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How To Plant Red Onions

Red onion plantations require a huge amount of direct sunlight. Therefore, it is preferable to grow them in tropical areas. For growing red onions, start by mixing an organic fertilizer into the soil before you plant them in the soil. 

Ensure the fertilizer stays beneath the planting furrow for optimal growth. You can also add two inches of compost in the soil before adding the fertilizer that will hasten the growth of the plant. 

Now set the onions one to two inches deep in the soil. Make sure the neck is not set too deeply that can hamper the growth of the plant. The sets of the red onions must be placed six inches wide from each other. 

After you have planted them in the soil, water generously until the onions are wet. The roots of the red onions are shallow, and they require a consistent supply of water so that they can supply the nutrients to all the parts of the plant. A layer of grass clippings around the plant provides support for the growth of the onion plant. But make sure the top of the onion plant does not get covered and receives an ample amount of direct sunlight. This simple process will help you plant red onion at home with ease. 

How To Care For Red Onions

The onion plants demand a huge amount of water. So it is wise to add water in the morning instead of evenings which can leave the onions wet overnight. To achieve the best results from your onion plant, soak onions with water once a week up to the height of six inches. 

Though growing red onions is an easy process, you need to keep a look at the plant to achieve the desired results. The onion plants usually grow huge weeds around them over time. Hence, once a week, make sure to weed your red onion patch so that the sunlight does not get affected. You can weed by hand or use a hoe for making the plant weed-free. 

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How To Harvest Red Onions

August to October is the ideal time for harvesting red onions. When the stems of your plant start to turn brown, you might understand, it is the right time for harvesting them. Before a few days of harvesting, bend the stems of the plants so that the onions can dry out. When harvesting, loosen the soil around the plant and then gently pull out the red onion plant without excessive pressure to get flavorful, delicious red onions. 

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