How To Grow Rice

Rice is a staple in dishes across the world and you can grow it just about anywhere with our helpful guide!

Rice is widely consumed staple food by two-third of the world’s population. It is one of the oldest and common food on the planet. Moreover, it contains high nutrition, protein, and complex carbohydrates.

Growing rice at home in your garden or buckets is quite easy, given the required conditions. They need the right amount of water, soil, and other nutrients to grow well. Rice is generally low cost and high-nutrition grain accessible to all. So, let’s take a look at this guide and show you how to grow rice at home, along with some tips for caring and harvesting rice.

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How To Plant Rice

You can plant the rice in your backyard, or you can use the plastic buckets. Firstly, you need to get high-quality rice seeds from the reputed supplier or local farmer. You can choose from various rice options like long, medium or short grain, sweet, aromatic, and arborio as per your requirements. 

Now, make sure you pick a location where the soil contains slightly acidic clay along with a reliable source of water. If you want to plant rice seeds in buckets, you need to get the same soil type. Growing rice needs warm temperatures of at least 70° Fahrenheit with bright light. While growing rice indoors, you can also use artificial light.

Before planting seeds, soak your seeds in water for at least 12 hours. Meanwhile, prepare your area to stay wet by building trenches and blocking the ends. Now, plant the seeds throughout the soil. In the case of buckets, fill them with 6 inches (15 cm) of most soil and add the rice seeds. Now, you need to flood the area with water. Make sure you water them regularly. 

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How To Care For Rice Plants

While growing rice, the soil needs to be consistently moist. You can also add compost or mulch to the soil to hold moisture and tamp the seeds down in the soil. Make sure you maintain 2 inches of water and see grains growing after one week. 

It would be best if you thinned out the seedlings in rows that range between 9 to 12 inches apart. Allow the seeds to grow for almost a month for up to 7 inches in height. The process of rice grains to mature will take 3 to 4 months, with a height of 17 inches. 

Now make sure you drain out the excess water before harvesting. When they turn green to gold in the next two weeks, you will know they are ready. So, after learning how to grow rice, make sure you follow these tips for taking care of rice plants.

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How To Harvest Rice

You will know the time of harvesting when the stalks have turned gold. Now, cut the stalks just under the heads and allow them to dry by wrapping in a newspaper for 2-3 weeks. Make sure you put them in a dry and warm place to get the moisture entirely out of grains.

Once the rice stalks have dried, please put them in the oven to roast under 200 F for an hour. Make sure to maintain temperature; otherwise, the grains will burn. Meanwhile, their colour will turn to a darker shade of golden brown.

 After an hour, let them cool for a while. After cooling, separate the kernels from hulls by rubbing them with your hands. Finally, you have ready-to-cook rice grains in your hands.

We have collated all the best tips to optimise your garden space and do a better job of obtaining large yields on your crops!

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