How To Grow Soybeans

Soybeans have exploded in popularity over the last decade and everyone always asks how to grow their own, so we created this guide for you all!

Soybeans contain high protein content and are a decent source of both fat and carbs. They provide a huge amount of vitamins and minerals that are vital for the growth and overall health of the body. Hence, they could be added to your regular diet and you could benefit immensely from them. You will also be amazed to know this nutrition-rich crop is extremely easy to grow at home. 

As opposed to multiple other crops, growing soybeans requires a very low amount of effort. However, certain conditions are a must to ensure you have a healthy yield of soybeans at home. First of all, you need to know that soybeans are a warm-weather crop

They require a minimum of 15°C to thrive. If you live in a region having a cold climate, you can consider planting soybeans indoors or in a large greenhouse. Let us move ahead and teach you how to grow soybeans yourself. 

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How To Plant Soybeans

To grow soybeans in your own back garden, firstly ensure the temperature of the soil has reached a minimum of 12.5°C. The best time to plant the soybean seeds is the month of April. Soybeans takes a long amount of time to grow to maturity as the plant grows anywhere from one to three feet in height.  

Firstly, you need to insert your soybean seeds one and a half inches deep in the soil and about six inches apart from one another. The planting depth is an essential factor for the proper cultivation of your soybean crop. You can then put the soil over the seeds to ensure they are covered. Water the plants generously and make sure they all get an adequate amount of water. 

You can also plant the seeds with some time variation. Plant one or two rows of the seeds of the soybean first, and then ten to twelve days later, you can add another row of seeds. This way, you can measure the difference in the quality of the final crop and also enjoy a second harvest.

No matter what you’re planting, it’s important you understand the importance of pruning and how to do it! That’s why we created this handy guide!

How To Care For Soybean Plants

To get the optimal results from your seed plantation, you need to ensure the soil remains damp. It makes the germination of the seeds more effective and allows for an overall positive effect on the condition of the plant. 

If the outside weather isn’t too dry and sunny, then soybean plants only require roughly 35ml of water weekly. Also, make sure to mulch the soil once a week, which will maintain the moisture level in the soil. All these soybean plantation tips will be a great help when you’re trying to grow high-quality soybeans at home. 

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How To Harvest Soybeans

In about three to five months, the pods of the soybean plants will become full and plump. Once this happens, the soybeans are ready for the harvesting process. Start by harvesting the seed pods that appear bright green and are fully swelled, but make sure to harvest the plant as soon it turns greenish in colour. 

The yellowish colour of the pods indicates that the plants have over-ripened and the sweetness of the beans gets lost if the plant gets over-ripened.

Therefore, make sure to keep a regular check on your plantation and harvest them at a suitable time.

Now that you know how to grow soybeans, you can make use of it by putting them into numerous mouth-watering recipes.  

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Tips & Common Problems

Soybeans have the ability to extract nitrogen from the atmosphere and release it in the soil. The plant raises the fertility value of the soil and provides an amazing atmosphere for the growth of other vegetables so make use of companion planting.

Gradually acclimatise indoor sown plants to outdoor conditions before planting out after all risk of frost has passed.

Hoe around plants regularly and keep well watered. Mulching during dry periods will help cropping.

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