How To Grow Spring Onions

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to grow, care for and harvest your own spring onions, then follow our handy guide!

Spring Onions, or more commonly referred to as scallions, are milder tasting versions of your regular onions. Their versatile essence and clement taste make them stand out from the rest.

Spring onions are also filled with benefits like Vitamin C and Calcium, and they are primarily used in Asian cuisines and salads. Growing spring onions can be plain sailing if you have the right information about them.

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How to Plant Spring Onions

The best thing about growing spring onions is their versatility. They can be grown in a glass container or on soil with a pretty much similar process. Take white bulbs of fresh spring onions and plant them in the soil with 2 inches of a gap.

This process is called growing spring onions from the root, and it is often regarded as the best way to grow spring onions.

Make sure the tip of bulbs is pointing upwards with some breathable space for them. During the process, don’t try to force or squeeze the onion bulbs in the solid as it can damage the plant’s overall growth.

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How To Care For Spring Onions

As we mentioned, spring onions are adaptable, and they can quickly adapt to any given weather situation. But still, some factors can hinder the growth process.

Make sure the soil is well-drained and humus-rich. In case you feel the land is too rigid, layer it with enough compost to make it crumbly. Also, Spring onions don’t like much water around them, so don’t overwater the soil.

A good watering session once a week is sufficient for them, and you can avoid that as well in rainy seasons because rainwater will substitute as a water source for you.

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How To Harvest Spring Onions

To harvest Spring onions, you will need a pair of gardening scissors, but regular scissors would also work fine. Start cutting the grown leaves once their colour has turned to green. If you are wondering how long do spring onions take to grow, then your answer is about eight weeks.

You can even taste them to check if they are fully ready to be harvested. Harvesting the whole plant at once will be a bad idea because it can damage the efficacy of the leaves, which are still rooted in the ground.

After you are done harvesting, you may notice a slight colour change in the onion bulbs. This is due to all the nutrients and vitamins that you have been providing to them.

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Tips & Common Problems

There are some crucial points that you need to remember while growing spring onions. Don’t overwater and plant them in a normal-to-dry soil. Try to arrange enough sunlight for them to grow sincerely.

Also, make sure you don’t pluck the entire plant out while harvesting. This can severely damage the nutritional value of your plant. 

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