How To Grow Walnuts

Walnuts are creamy, slightly bitter nuts and are extremely popular, so it’s worth your time to learn how to grow your own walnut tree!

Rich in omega-3s and antioxidants, Walnuts are regarded as a mini power-house by many health experts and scientists. It is also said to reduce the chances of any mental health issues and heart diseases.

But to grow these, you need a lot of patience and resilience. A typical walnut tree takes around 7 to 10 years to bear its the first fruit, so you must understand that growing walnuts is instead a very long term process.

Besides being tiringly long, the process of growing walnuts also has some intricate details that you need to follow. We have mentioned the exact procedure you should follow to get your own walnut tree in your own backyard!

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How To Plant Walnut Trees

Planting a walnut seed successfully can be strenuous for some beginners, due to its critically low success rates. So we recommend using a purchased seedling to skip the initial hassle and wait. Also, Growing walnuts trees requires a very large and separate space because it releases harmful chemicals that can destroy nearby plants.

While purchasing walnut seeds, make sure you are buying a seed inhabited at least 100 kilometres from your growing location for better adaptability and quality. Depending on the variety you select, walnuts trees are more adapted to grow in cold weather.

Walnuts require incredibly high-quality soil, so select a piece of plot that is highly fertile and rich with a drainy and loamy overview. Dig small holes of 2 to 3 inches and plant the seeds inside them. If you are planting multiple seeds at once, then keep an ideal 12-feet difference between them. 

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How To Care For Walnut Trees

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How To Harvest Walnuts

Growing walnut trees does demand a lot of attention and care over some time. To start with, water your plant regularly for the initial two years. If you notice any sort of dryness in soil, increase the water cycles, but be sure not to water again until the soil is dry again.

Growing plants under walnut trees is undoubtedly a bad idea for the first few. Also, take care of any kind of weed build up near the root of the tree. You can use fertilizers and pesticides as well to get rid of any unwanted pests and soil deficiencies.

Walnut trees are also very prone to squirrels attacks during the harvesting period, to keep an eye out for them. You can increase pruning when the harvesting period is near to decrease any unwanted fall downs.

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Tips & Common Problems

Many young gardeners have a lot of queries regarding where do walnut trees grow or how to grow walnut trees in your backyard? Well, we are ready to answer all of them. Walnut trees can be grown in your yard or garden, You just need to have the right amount of space with a lot of patience.

For the gardeners who are starting to set out on their journey, planting a walnut tree can be an excellent start as it will test your skills. It will also teach you some essential aspects of gardening, like persistence and virtue.

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