How To Grow White Onions

Usually the most mild of the varieties, white onions are easy to grow and we’ll teach you how with our step-by-step guide!

White Onion is very similar to your every-day Red Onion in terms of texture and smell, but it’s appealing paperwhite colour, and thinner skin is what makes it stand out.

Growing white onions is very similar to growing any other type of onion. It can be grown in your backyard using identical practices with some minor tweaks. It has some great antioxidant qualities that help your body in the long run.

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How To Plant White Onions

The process of growing white onions is relatively simple, but it does require some effort and attention. Take a piece of white onion or onion bulb and plant it in the soil, approximately 4-5 inches away from each other. 

Make sure the soil you are planting in is reasonably damp and rich because, in the initial stage, the onion piece will require a lot of nutrients and humus. You can also add a layer of compost to boost up the process.

Watering the soil once a week would be just fine, with an adequate source of sunlight. White onions are one of those selected plants which doesn’t require much sunlight, but the tricky part is you have to keep up with the plant’s growth because they tend to get spoiled pretty quickly.

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How To Care For White Onions

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How To Harvest White Onions

Growing white onions is simple, but harvesting them is a delicate task. White onions have more sensitive skin than other onions due to their light disposition and low caloric value. Roots of white onions are also very palpable and fragile.

These take around 90 to 150 to fully mature. And when the time comes, pluck the onions out using a small shovel or by hand. Be extra gentle during this step because a little extra pressure can destroy the plant itself.

After you take them out, try to consume them in 48 hours, because unlike other variants, white onions get spoiled very quickly due to their light skin. Though you can refrigerate them to increase their life span. 

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Tips & Common Problems

We just answered How to grow white onions from bulbs, but there are many other things that you need to know before you start growing for yourself. Growing white onions is a crafty business for beginners due to the attention to detail you have to give in the latter stages.

There are several White onion growing zones that you can find in your backyard or garden. Just look for a mildly rough and humus-rich soil spot. Also, you can use fertilizers to prevent any kind of damage from insects or worms.

Compost layering is also very effective when it comes to the overall growth of the plant. White onions generally don’t require a lot of sunlight. So a place with mild daylight and ventilation would be perfect. 

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