Most garden crops require weeding at least three times: Plan to weed five to seven days after sowing or transplanting, again seven to 10 days later, and a third time three to four weeks after the crop has been planted. By that time, the plants should be big enough to mulch and should have plenty of leaves to shade the soil’s surface.

Weeding is the act of removing unwanted seeds or plants from the field of crops. It is necessary
that a Farmer discovers a good time to weed his or her Farm in order to let a normal growth of
the crops.
It is this time that a Farmer evaluates a speed of growth to the Crops. In Agriculture many of
us think of Farm preparations, planting and jumping to harvesting we forget the important part
before harvesting and this part may determine the quality, quantity of the harvest to obtain.
It is very important to understand ways of weeding so that with your Fam management you
can choose which one to go with and the appropriate one.
1. Manual weeding.
This is called hand weeding, weeds are uprooted by using personal hands and it is said
that when this method is used its efficient because you won’t disturb soil, also hand
weeding leaves crops safe without being damaged because someone is too close to a
plant to see.
The problem with Manual weeding, it requires labor intensive that means its much
difficult to operate this method for a large area hence it’s too costly. Never the less
Manual weeding will depend on the moisture in the soil otherwise its difficult.
2. Mechanical weeding.
This method requires one to use implements such as interrow cultivation weeders and
Push weeders.
This method has to be used when crops are planted in rows otherwise, they will be
damaged and cause loss at the end.
It is advisable in many cases as it undergoes scientific research as now, we perform
Modern Agriculture where crops are planted in measurement.
The most dangerous side of this method is that you need to have a large area to operate,
home based gardens can’t be operated by this method.
Good time to weed your Farm.
There is no clear time to weed the farm but it’s advised that once you see weeds starting to
grow faster than the crops it will be the right time for you to weed them, because if they are
left, they will turn into flowering and drop seeds which will result into dispersion of weeds
every point of the farm and suck all the nutrients for the crops.
Moreover, it is advised that when weeds are still small you can weed them but also you need
to consider the status of the soil, it will be fine when the ground is saturated and the soil is
loose and moist.
Weeding is like a disturbing point during farming and one may ask why should we weed our
For sure its very important to weed because there are reasons.
I. Weeding for a farmer will assure him or her good harvest as weeding will protect crops
from pesticides such as slugs.
II. If you weed on time soil will be moisturized once again and allow a crop to grow in a
good range.
III. Also weeding helps to protect soil, as a Farmer in your Garden leaving weeds compete
for nutrients against crops its directly that soil will lose its fertility for the next planting
IV. Weeding is done so that we reduce competition between main plant and weeds.
Therefore, planning to operate a Farm or garden anywhere will always require general
understanding of a very important part in farming which is weeding because you will succeed
all the parts but if you forget to weed automatically your harvest will not meet your objectives.
Weeding is the most part in farming that require to have a farm consultant so that it is done
properly without any damage to cause.