Breeding your goats and raising kids can be a daunting task for someone who hasn’t done it before so we thought it was important to put this series together.

There are multiple stages a kid will go through in the first six months of their life, from the very first fragile days to weaning a few months down the line.

Problems can arise in the birthing process so that is covered along with everything else you can expect to see from your new little ones when they arrive.

A bundle of joy hopping around your garden will brighten the mood every day and we hope that our guides help you care for your goats throughout.


First Days

Do you know how to feed your goats correctly and meet their nutritional requirements? Read our handy guide we put together for this!

First Month

Weaning & First Few Months

To Six Months & Beyond

Where do you buy goats from in the first place? Might seem like an easy question but we wrote this article to help wannabe goat owners!