Rearing Piglets: From Birth To Weaning

Pigs are prolific breeders, able to have more young than most livestock you’d see so there are things such as space you need to consider, before diving in.

Piglets might seem utterly cute but they can squeal and bite, you need to know about all the issues you might face as a new pig breeder.

You’ll have plenty to do once you have piglets to look after so we hope that our handy guides help you to overcome challenges and successfully raise some pigs.


First Days

Not sure which pig breed is right for you or your garden? Check out our handy breed guide to find which is most suitable for your needs!

First Month

Weaning & First Few Months

To Six Months & Beyond

Want to get more out of your pigs and improve your efficiency? Take a look at our tips on how to optimise your operations!

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